The UN Secretary General has stated that climate change is the major, overriding environmental issue of our time. This comes at a period when one in five people in developing regions live on less than $1.25 per day and are very poorly equipped to deal with the devastating effects of climate change. Already one in eight people worldwide suffer from chronic hunger and this number will only rise as the Earth's population increases. I feel very strongly about the need to create a world which is both environmentally and socially sustainable. I have worked for a number of organisations which share my ideals and I am proud of the impacts I have had.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Deltares/University of Leiden modelling the risk of future vector-borne disease outbreaks in the Netherlands. I am investigating the possible effects of climate change, land use change and other potential changes on disease risk. My research interests are focused how climate change (and other related changes) will affect the way we live in the future.